Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Vita Cat

This cat food product is 100% Halal, healthy for your furry loved ones and it will be available soon in our product line. Waaaiittt and see...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Portable Pet Carrier

Di bawah adalah satu contoh portable pet carrier yang terdapat di stor kami :

No Kod Item : CRR01
Saiz (inci)       : 27.75 X19.5 X 20.25
Harga            : MYR 255.00

Welcome to Sayang Pets Online!

Hello all readers,
This is our first entry into the world of pets. Why pets? Well, most of the household in Malaysia will have pets in their house either cat, dog, fish, bird or even reptiles.
This blog is to cater for people who love pets but sometimes just don't have the time to buy their pets neccessities be it food, cages, lashes etc. Sometimes you forget to buy things at the store or maybe you would like to buy supplies in bulk for your loving pets. So, here we are to help to ease the trouble by giving you a complete catalog of products for you to view and buy online.
We will add up more products from different categories as time goes by. Please bear with us but in the meantime you can always contact us at luvpets2u@gmail.com anytime.

Happy Surfing!!